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  • SWEETWATER SAILORS – New Great Lakes Book available in February 2021 from IPG
    Would you be interested in more information? Please send your E-Mail address for a flyer, or call 708-903-6289.

    This book is a non-fiction collection of stories gathered from eighteen active and retired Great Lakes sailors, covering both serious and humorous aspects of life aboard Great Lakes ore carriers, car ferries, tugboats, pilot boats, and even bum-boats. Over 160 photos of ships, crew at work, and historical subjects are included, with numerous photos of Sturgeon Bay as well.

    Five women sailors are highlighted, including the only woman Captain of a U.S. flag ore carrier, and three women Chief Engineers, one of whom was the first woman Chief on the Great Lakes.

    Readers who enjoy ships, Great Lakes shipping history, and the real Boat-Nerds of the Great lakes will want this book in their collection.

    The author, a Naval Architect & Marine Surveyor, spent his entire life working aboard ships. He was born in Green Bay, raised in Marinette, spent some Coast Guard years in Sturgeon Bay, and has worked at Bay Shipbuilding numerous times. His father was a 32-year Great Lakes sailor.

  • Margaret

    I wanted to let you know, I have reordered twice this book now. Thank you for the recommendation.
    This has been a good seller and listed as a owner pick on a local advertising site.
    Thank you again for the recommendation.

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