New Comic Arrival Info

As with everything now, things change on a weekly and sometimes daily basis. As many of the die hard comic fans have heard, DC has gone away from Diamond distributors and now is with a new company. What does that mean? Well, for the dealers it is a headache! For the fans, it is a headache. Fortunately, these headaches will go away soon.

Here at the store, we have established our account with the new company and have placed our first DC comics order with them. DC is working on making sure missed issues are available for reorder so the middle of a storyline is not missing.

As far as other comics, due to the Covid-19, shipments have been experiencing delays. Right now I am saying comics will be arriving on Thursday rather than Wednesday due to these delays. Please understand this is not a situation we have control over. Hopefully, this too shall pass. It may pass like a kidney stone, but it shall pass.

In the immortal words of the great Stan Lee, “Nuff Said.”

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