Games for a Cause

Every once in a while I stumble across something new. I found this game company, and was intrigued by their games, and especially their purpose. My mother, who I dedicate my store to, developed Alzheimer’s. I know how important research can be.

These games look like fun.

Welcome to Gray Matters Games – a family owned business that designs and publishes lively games for people with active minds!

The company all started on a family road trip through the Arizona desert when Joe entertained a car full of passengers with a game that became the concept for You Bet-Cha!Founders Joe and Lauren Barron believe that business should be a force for good and wanted to connect the company’s devotion to supporting brain health. Because of this, Gray Matters Games donates a meaningful portion of its profits to Alzheimer’s research. We hope these fun party games bring your friends and family around the table for some laughter and spirited competition!

Game on, Lauren, Joe, Emery, Olivia, Gipper and Rudy

The Root Beer Float Challenge is a get-off-your-couch family party game where players compete in solo, cooperative and head-to-head challenges in a race to collect all the ingredients of a root beer float. Uniquely packaged in a large tin root beer can, the game comes with 4 straws, 2 foam cherries, and a giant ping pong ball which are all used in the 120 physical challenges – one challenge has a player volleyball serving a cherry off the wall while their partner has to catch the cherry in the root beer can!

You Bet-Cha! combines poker and trivia into one fun game night. Lively categories will have you competing to name everything from hotels on the Las Vegas strip to actors that have played Batman. Can you outsmart or bluff your way to build the biggest chip stack? Find out in You Bet-Cha! – the perfect game for tabletop lovers, trivia enthusiasts and high rollers!

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