101 Story Starters for Little Kids


Write your own stories with the help of these illustrated story starters for little kids! With 101 fun and unique writing prompts, you’ll have no trouble kicking your imagination into high gear.

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Each story starter consists of:

1-2 short sentences to boost imagination.
Large text for easy reading.
A black and white illustration for visual inspiration.
Leave writer’s block and blank-page anxiety behind! Whether you write animal stories, funny stories, or something else entirely, you’ll find dozens of ideas and inspiration to help you get started.

Inside, you’ll find story starters in each of the following categories:

Crazy Changes.
Animals Acting Strange.
Monsters, Aliens, and Other Spooky Stuff.
Realistic Stuff.
These illustrated story starters are perfect for little kids in grades 1-3 but can be used by anyone young at heart. Use this book in the classroom or give it as a gift to a budding author.


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