Amish Vampires in Space


“Need I explain why a book sporting the title Amish Vampires In Space should, nay, must be read? What started as a joke title (and eventually spawned its own publishing imprint), evolved into a good story that is neither dismissive of the Amish nor glosses over the vampire mythology. And does this book really need any defense beyond its title?”

— Coyle Neal,

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Jebediah has a secret that will change his world forever and send his people into space. The Amish world of Alabaster calls upon an ancient promise to escape destruction. Then end up on a cargo ship bound for the stars. But they are not the only cargo on board. Some of it is alive…or used to be. Now, with vampires taking over and closing in on the Amish refugees, these simple believers must decide whether their faith depends upon their honored traditions or something even older.


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