Cozmo’s Wish


Rhyming story about a unicorn and his firefly friends, Spark, Lumen and Surge.

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Cozmo the unicorn wishes he was more colorful. One night, as he and his firefly pals are star gazing, he sees a shooting star. He wishes with all his might on the star only to find that he has remained plain white. Cozmo and his pals set out on a quest to find a forest artist that may be able to make his dream come true. In the process, he becomes more beautiful with the help of his friends. Just as important, his friends are forever changed as well. They too have become more beautiful for their efforts.

Great rhyming tale for ages 3 to 8. This is the first in a series of three stories that tell a similar tale from the perspective of one of the characters. Continue the adventure by reading The Studio Tree and A Firefly Tale.


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