Death at Gills Rock ( Dave Cubiak Door County Mystery ) #2


Investigating the deaths of three elderly war veterans in the fishing village of Gills Rock, sheriff Dave Cubiak untangles a web of lies and betrayal begun more than half a century before.

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Dave Cubiak is back!
After tracking a clever killer in Death Stalks Door County, park ranger and former Chicago homicide detective Dave Cubiak is elected Door County sheriff. His newest challenge arrives as spring brings not new life but tragic death to the isolated fishing village of Gills Rock. Three prominent World War II veterans, about to be honored for their military heroics, die from carbon monoxide poisoning during a weekly card game.
Blame falls to a faulty heater but Cubiak puzzles over details. When one of the widows receives a message claiming the men “got what they deserved,” he realizes that there may be more to the deaths than a simple accident.
Investigating, Cubiak discovers that the men’s veneer of success and respectability hides an intricate web of lies, betrayal, and treachery.
In a dark, moody tale that spans more than half a century and hopscotches across the peninsula, Cubiak encounters a host of suspects with motives for murder. Amid broken dreams, corruption, and loss, he sorts out the truth.
Death at Gills Rock is the second book in the Dave Cubiak Door County Mystery series.


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