Great Expectations ( Be Classics )


As a young orphan, Pip encounters an escaped criminal while living with his cruel sister. He is then sent to spend time with the eccentric Miss Havisham and her cold, beautiful ward, Estella, who enchants Pip. As a young man, Pip is given money by a mysterious benefactor, who turns out to be both the convict and Estella’s father. With the hopes of winning Estella’s love and becoming a gentleman in London, Pip is tasked with many “great expectations.”

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One of the most popular novelists ever, Charles Dickens wrote about what he saw in 19th century London: orphans, child labor, and the crime that was rampant in the city at the time. In the 1861 bestseller “Great Expectations,” he wove all of these themes into a tale of mystery and personal development. The story of a young orphan boy–poor and alone, but whisked away to London by a anonymous benefactor–is a fantastic tale, complete with plot twists and a love story that puts many modern novels to shame. To this day, “Great Expectations” remains one of Dickens’s greatest achievements. Now available as part of the Canterbury Classics singles series, the novel is a must-have addition to the libraries of all classic literature lovers.


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