Haunted Door County ( Haunted America )


Bucolic Door County has a rich haunted history of spooky shipwrecks, bizarre tales and ghost stories.

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Because Door County received its name from “Death’s Door,” the perilous strait with more freshwater shipwrecks than anywhere else in the world, it should be no surprise that the idyllic county has plenty of ghostly history. In the company of storyteller Gayle Soucek, meet lighthouse keepers whose sense of duty extends beyond the grave. Catch a glimpse of the phantom ship Le Griffon, never seen for more than a moment since it sailed through a crack in the ice in 1679. And it is not just the waters of Door County that carry the freight of haunted tales–Country Road T has its share of spooks, bizarre beasts have caused disturbances in the woods and there are whispered rumors that infamous gangster Al Capone added to the county’s stock of ghosts through a handful of brutal murders, including an ex-girlfriend and two unacknowledged children.


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