How to Write Manga


What if you could wake up tomorrow and make manga- what would you create?

With How to Write Manga, you can find out!

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Let writing teacher R.A. Paterson share his over twenty years of experience helping writers like you become great storytellers. How to Write Manga will give you the simple and essential tools you need to write your manga your way.

Inside you’ll learn how to…

Write both Shonen and Shoujo manga.
Master the Ki-Sho-Ten-Ketsu story structure that makes manga unique.
Create epic battle manga like Naruto, My Hero Academia and One Piece.
Design manga characters that your audience can’t get enough of.
Grab your audience and keep them reading until the end.
Make your stories come alive with emotion.
Craft romance and slice-of-life manga that your readers will love.
Produce four-koma gag manga.
And so much more!
The difference between you and a manga pro is smaller than you think!

Do you want to make manga? Do you want to share your story worlds with everyone?

Get your copy now, and start tomorrow ready to make your dreams come true!


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