No More Can Fit Into the Evening


No More Will Fit Into the Evening contains poetry by thirty-seven poets from five countries. The sub-title of the book is, “An Anthology of Diverse Voices,” and this is what the poet’s in the volume represent. Poets from a diversity of backgrounds and places inevitably produce poems that are made distinct not only by their talent, but also by the experiences and visions that arise from that diversity. The diversity represented by this volume encompasses racial identity, sexual orientation, country of origin, and spiritual beliefs. There is no perfect way to look at the universe, but when all the ways of seeing what is are represented, then, at least from a human perspective, a fuller and truer image can emerge.

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The editors, the poets Thomas Davis and Standing Feather, asked each of the poets in the book for ten of the best poems they have ever written and then selected the poems that they considered exceptionally strong for conclusion. They wanted to honor the idea that a healthy sampling of a poet’s work is better than a whiff that gives a slight taste of what the poet is all about. Some of the poets contained in the anthology have been published in some of the finest magazines and journals in the world. A few have won major awards for their poetry and their books and have an international audience. Others have never achieved publication outside of their personal blogs.

Of special note is the inclusion of poets like Terence Winch, winner of the American and Columbia Books awards, among other major honors, the extraordinary Anishinabe poet Kimberly Blaeser, John Looker, one of England’s most interesting poets, the environmentalist poet Robin Chapman, the award-winning novelist James Janko, and the jazz musician and founder of the literary journal After Hours, Albert DeGenova. These, and all the other poets included, have helped achieve what Davis and Feather wrote as their fondest wish in the Introduction, that readers might find themselves on a mesa top where grandmother junipers spread their branches out beneath a full moon, remembering poems that stuck in their spirit after this volume has been read. We are hoping they might have that experience in Door County, Wisconsin where Lake Michigan is tossing wild, white capped waves at the dark dolomite escarpment that runs through Door Peninsula, or maybe in the timeless moment when they are communing with Taliesin, the ancient Celtic bard, in a time before time as he chants beauty and the world’s beauty into the deep starlight of a Celtic night.

The list of poets included in the anthology are: Betty Hayes Albright, Sharon Auberle, Kimberly Blaeser, Richard Brenneman, A. Carder, Robin Chapman, Ethel Mortenson Davis, Thomas Davis, RedWulf DancingBare, Albert DeGenova, Diane Denton, Bruce Goodman, Margaret Gross, Annette Langlois Grunseth, Elizabeth Herron, Maryann Hurtt, Penny Hyde, James Janko, Gary Jones, Michael Kriesel, Cynthia Jobin, Jim Kleinhenz, Estella Lauter, John Looker, Anna Mark, Jon Marshall, Nick Moore, Chris Moran, Ralph Murre, Ben Naga, Jack Carter North, Mike Orlock, Ward O’Cean, Robert Okaji, Nathan J. Reid, Ina Schroders-Zeeder, Standing Feather, Tori Grant Welhouse, and Terence Winch.


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