The Dream Interpretation Handbook


Go deep into your dreams and discover their hidden meanings.

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No matter how weird or out there your dreams might be, you can learn to interpret their meanings. With The Dream Interpretation Handbook, you’ll be able to access the mystery behind your wildest dreams and use what you discover to connect more deeply with yourself and make changes in your waking life.

This book offers a comprehensive guide to the dream interpretation process, including methods for deciphering the plot lines and connections within your dreams, as well as the symbology behind colors, numbers, and common tropes (like teeth or falling).

The Dream Interpretation Handbook includes:

The best of both worlds–Explore theories and studies about dream interpretation based on both science and mysticism.
Interpret and apply–Find ways to understand what your dreams are telling you–and how to carry those meanings into your daily life.
Dream dictionary–Identify over 100 symbols–like elephants, money, and loved ones–and what they represent.
Dream interpretation is easier than you think–and The Dream Interpretation Handbook proves it.


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