This Is What My Soul Looks Like: The Burn After Writing Sequel. a Journal of Self Discovery


Welcome to the book of you the sequel to the bestselling book The Burn After Writing. This is What My Soul Looks Like is an irresistible opportunity to continue your own personal journey of self-reflection. Hundreds of questions gently pry open the secrets of your psyche. Recognize your biases, tune in to your feelings and increase your self-awareness. Think of it as self-therapy.

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It’s not easy navigating a course through life. Self-reflection is rapidly becoming a forgotten art form in a society obsessed with social media’s mindless status updates, links, likes and superficial self-projections. While each of us more connected to the outside world than ever before we often feel completely isolated. This is What My Soul Looks Like gives you the ability to undertake a quest to find the real you. It’s a collection of gently probing questions and prompts that lead you to uncover just exactly makes you tick. Treat this book as a journey of discovery, a real confessional that will playfully encourage you to push your limits as you discover your unedited self. Explore not only who you are now, but who you want to be. Delve into your thoughts, your values and your beliefs. Think of it as DIY Therapy. So, if you want to find out who you really are, why not start with the question: how do you feel?


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